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Scenography for the retrogaming room SuperSuper in the exhibition SuperDemain : Two days dedicated to new medias, technologies and videogames set up

in Lyon, in march 2016.



Bitmap patterns inspired by the first video games which are easily to be included in many kinds of supports playing with size variations.

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Typeface creation coming from the analysis of the Blackletter Textura originally designed by Johannes Gutenberg in

the 15th century.



Creation of a giant job case from a collaborative work : 143 print characters made from wood using laser cutting machine.

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A playful, sans serif typeface with a lot of diacritic signs and ligatures.


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Volcano Dream




The fabulous story of

a naked man running over the sunset in a psycadelic landscape.



Screenprinting, fluo orange and deep blue inks

A2 size

12 samples




Road Type





Collection of handwriting vernacular typefaces seen in Hammamet, Tunisia, December 2014.

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Workshop with Simon Renaud about automation of language and machine. How automation invested our daily reading ?




In a world where all of our data is controlled, people need a new language witch cannot be understandable by machine.

Resist is a sign system consist of 36 glyphs avaliable in different versions with a secret combination.


In collaboration with Valentin Legrand, Naomie Raubaut and Aurélie Virely.

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Paris à vélo





Paris à vélo organize an event to discover the capital by bike, which is faster than walking and more respectful of the environment. Theme-based tours in English and in French are proposed by guides keen on cycling !




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Identity for L'épicerie.

Work in progress

Coming soon



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